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Drawn in by the play of negative spaces as the gatekeepers to truly exploring the details of positive reliefs, White Space explores this philosophy with its minimalist designs. Moving away from previously explored expressive characteristics of Abstract Expressionism, White Space strips away personal expression, emotion and identity from its designs, leaving behind structures of clean lines and forms, to be interpreted by the wearer for what they are – a purified form of beauty. 

Meticulously handcrafted in recycled brass with 22k micron gold, white and black rhodium plating, White Space deploys geometric forms and gem encrusted surfaces to make an impact. Intricate hand spun chains and layers hint at Dhwani Bansal’s signature jewellery style, while natural Moss agates and Black onyx add depth and color to an otherwise monochromatic palette. White Space revels in its sheer simplicity and invites the wearer to weave their own stories within its designs.

Art Direction, Styling & Photography by Lekha Rathnam
Hair and Make Up by Elton John
Brought to life by Tanya Bose & Elton John


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