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The ancient communities lived by the natural rhythms of the Earth. As powerful as the Sun was, it was the moon that was connected to, and said to be the source of the feminine energy. The energy that creates, explores and allows herself to just be. It is in this yin nature that we’re able to restore and replenish ourselves. It’s where we can explore the depths of compassion, sensitivity and love. It’s the source of life and rebirth. This flow of she energy is what Yuuna seeks to epitomise through her designs. Like the cyclical waxing and waning of the moon, Yuuna too explores the luminescence and darkness of our flowing growth with milky freshwater baroque pearls set against 22k gold plated brass in a series of pieces that are unassumingly bold, unmistakably distinctive and as versatile and fluid as the flow of life itself.

Photography & Art Direction - Distil Media
Hair & Make up - Tasneem Rawther


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