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A thousand feet above the ground, I still gravitate towards the Earth. Every home that I have ever known of is on Earth. It is of these elements that I am made of, and like a moth to a flame, I am to the Earth drawn. Flying amidst wispy cotton clouds, I gaze down upon the myriad of shapes, colors and textures of the land moving across like a reel of a film. From up here, magnificent rivers appear to be molten bands of silver sensuously wrapped around the undulating curves of rocky sculptures. Swaths of fields resemble swatches of Pantone colors, acres of human settlements look like gem encrusted pendants connected together by glittering chains of roads.

Zami inspired by the Urdu word ‘zameen’ (earth/land), holds within its pieces a fleeting memory, a little piece of a cherished moment, nostalgia from travels past and the magic of the ones to come. Characterised by textured forms and balanced asymmetry, each piece is meticulously crafted in recycled brass with coloured enamels and finished with a 22k micron gold plating in palettes of yellow and white.

Styling, Art Direction & Photography: Lekha Rathnam

Brought to life by: Niranjana Nair


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