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The quiet tinkling of the chimes when all else is at ease, where there is a silence so profound, it’s as though the world has fallen asleep. Light, lilting peals of laughter spring through the air, as strands of wind make their way across hanging bells. With no care, except for the caressing breeze, the chimes dance on, oblivious to all, towards the first light of dawn.

Encapsulating within it this first light of the rising sun with the last strains of the fading chords, Ayres is a series of delicately balanced pieces, with light freshwater pearls set against textured brass and finished in 22k gold. Each piece embodies within it the tactile, aural and free spirited nature of these chimes, as they dance away to their own sweet tunes.

Photographed by Debarati Sanyal on Sanithra Raju


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