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5 Expert Tips on How to Take Care of Your Jewellery

Before I reveal my secrets on how to take care of your jewellery, go through a brief account of my many heartbreaks. It’s really tiny… but it’s deep.

I had no idea that my collection of imitation jewelry required special care. I realized this only after a few pieces of my earrings, necklaces, and bracelets succumbed to tarnish and corrosion. It was the stylish jewelry that, for some reason, always garnered the best compliments for me. I still long for those long-lost Kundan earrings and minimalist pendants.

The loss of your favorite piece of fashion jewelry is somewhat equivalent to heartbreak. I've spent hours and coffee researching how to properly care for your favorite pieces of imitation jewelry so that any of you don’t encounter this. So, get your notepads ready and take advantage of these tried-and-true methods for maintaining your jewelry.

How to Take Care of Your Jewellery

Perfume is the Culprit

Yes! You didn't misunderstand. Even a few drops of perfume or cologne can damage the surface of your imitation jewelry. Irrespective of the type of jewelry you're wearing, from gold-plated necklaces to oxidized earrings, remember to keep it away from your perfume.

Some might counter that high-end fragrances are actually quite risk-free, but I'll save you the hassle. All fragrances, from the cheapest to the most costly, come with chemical compositions that are harmful to your valuable jewelry.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use your perfumes at all. Just ensure to put on some perfume before wearing your beautiful new jewelry. This will enable you to avoid having your jewelry ruined by scent. Let's dive into the next piece of advice for properly caring for your imitation jewelry.

Hairspray is the real wolf in sheep’s attire

Hairspray is an essential tool for getting your desired look. But honey, just as you didn't have to give up perfume, you won't have to give up hairspray either.

Every sprayable cosmetic has the potential to spread farther than we anticipate. Hairspray may go all over your Mang-teeka, earrings, and bangles as you're applying it. Stop worrying, the thumb rule will be applicable here. Simply apply all of your favorite cosmetics and skincare items before donning your show-stopper fashion jewelry. Voila!

But that’s not it. You might be doing some more blunders that are secretly damaging your jewelry collection. So, stay on reading my list of answers, answering your query about how to take care of your jewellery like an expert.

Wet wipes are much more than you may realize.

Simply putting on all your cosmetics before wearing the jewelry, might help you alleviate the risk of damaging your jewelry. That's not all, though. However, your flawlessly conditioned skin will come into contact with the jewelry and that's simply not good for your favorite piece of ornaments.

Carefully remove your jewelry and clean it off with damp wipes after the party is over. These handy wipes may be used to remove makeup, perspiration, and dust off jewelry, extending its useful life.

Feeling confident already?

There's more on the way.

Toothbrush: The Ultimate Savior

Some pieces of fashion jewelry, no matter how well you clean them off with wet wipes, will likely still have dust or remnants of a cosmetic product lodged in the tiny nooks and crannies. Just immerse the jewelry in a solution of a few drops of mild soap in warm water for a few seconds, and the dirt and dust will dissolve. The jewelry may then be cleaned carefully with a toothbrush to restore its original luster.

Take care not to overclean your jewelry. Act like a watchmaker in your approach to making sure things are done well. Further, try to be as mild-mannered as you can. If you’ve come this far, don’t worry there’s the last piece of advice to go and you will be all set to care for your jewelry like a pro.

How can you keep your jewelry from ending up in a tangled mess?

You wear jewelry that has a wide range of metals. Also, jewelry tends to scratch each other when stored in close proximity to other pieces, whether they are stored individually or in a box. They could even manage to shatter each other into little pieces sometimes. Change up your jewelry storage if you see stones falling off or new scratches appearing.

Use separate hooks to store your earrings and rings. Your necklace will be most comfortable if it can hang from somewhere close to your neck. Without such compartments, you may just lay the necklace flat on some padding. Make sure the jewelry boxes are lined with a material that won't tangle with the jewelry.


Mindfulness is the key to properly caring for your trendy or imitation jewelry. Make sure you read the jewelry care instructions before making any online purchases of trendy jewelry. The jewelry is safe and sound; don't fret about it.

Once you've taken care of the basics, you'll be ready to really shine.

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